Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hope you get AIDS, Griffin, you fucking useless fat cunt.

There's a school of thought that seems to think that the BNP are some kind of legitimate party, because they're on the ballot, and because their fuckcunt of a leader can wear a tie. Any cunt can wear a tie, I managed it for several years before I moved to Aotearoa.

Nick "Fat Cunt" Griffin denies the Holocaust.

This is a man who believes that brown people are not allowed to be British. This is a man who denies the Holocaust. This is a man who worships an impotent, one-bollocked, shortarse Austrian cunt.

Free speech is great, however, if you end up preaching that non-whites are less than human, and should be sent home, then you deserve to have the shit kicked out of you at every opportunity. Instead of eggs, how about balloons full of piss, or bricks?

Nick Griffin is a fucking racist, violent, former NF member, fat little cunt who should be repatriated to England at the first opportunity. I hope he dies a miserable, violent, painful, lonely death. Bet he can't get it up, either. Fat little one-eyed cunt gets eggs thrown at him. Bless. Fat little cunt saying " Look, we can't mention TEH JOOZ!!! until we're in power, but then it's a free for all on the synagogues, nudge nudge wink wink."

Fuck him, and fuck everyone who voted for him. You're all cunts.